The tradition of the Campobasso farm business traces its roots to the 1950s with Michele Campobasso, who was born into a family dedicated to trading oil and almonds in the environs of Bari. He desired to expand the original business with the production of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The company began with the production of table grapes. Later, in the early 1970s, the dynamic and innovative mentality of Michele Campobasso changed the vision of the business, shifting its interest to Palagiano and introducing the production of citrus fruits: havana tangerines, common clementines, and naval oranges. In the early 1980s, following the demands of consumers, it was necessary to switch from havana tangerines to common clementines. In 1993, following the untimely death of Michael, the business was taken up by his seven children, who in 2001, by mutual agreement, decided to subdivide the property into three companies, each distinctly autonomous and entrusted to each male brother. Today, Marco is dedicated to oranges, Giuseppe to grapes, and Francesco to clementines.

For two generations, the Francesco Campobasso farm, has been specialized exclusively in the production and marketing of high quality clementines and, by renewing the historical memory, proposes to pass on his valuable experience to his sons, consecrating the family domain with this privileged aspect that confers an added value to its products.

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The Farm Francesco Campobasso is attending Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin, held February 3 to 5.